Science Week Fun

Science Week Fun

The junior pupils added gummy bears to a glass of water. We made sure the test was fair by adding the same number of bears to each glass. We also filled a glass without adding water. We left the bears for four days. Check out our results below.

We had fun investigating magnets. We learned that magnets attract metal objects. The pupils had lots of fun testing materials and making paper clips dance! We also discovered magnets can attract objects through other materials.

We tested a variety of materials to determine if they would float or sink. Take a look at our experiment below.

We read the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We designed and created a boat to help the boy bring the penguin safely back home to the Antarctic. We tested our boats to make sure they floated. We really enjoyed creating the boats.

Our skittles experiment was great fun. We created a circle of skittles around the edge of a paper plate. Teacher added warm water. We were amazed at the results.

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