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Author: Mrs McAssey

Christmas Performances

Christmas Performances

The staff and pupils of All Saints’ National School created some very special Christmas performances for everyone to enjoy. The magic of the festive season has been evident throughout the school in recent weeks as we celebrate the festive season in a variety of different ways.

We extend a special thanks to Mrs. Kenny for her wonderful work creating the videos. We are very proud of all of the pupils on their amazing work, creativity and positivity. We hope you enjoy the performances.

Senior Classes – Our 2020 Nativity
Junior Classes – The Night Before Christmas
Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day

The pupils in All Saints’ National School participated in Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 11th December. We are delighted to announce a total of €140 was raised for the Children’s Health Foundation in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin. We extend a huge thank you to all who generously donated and enjoyed the celebrations.

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations

The magic of the festive season is well underway in All Saints’ National School. We are enjoying the Christmas festivities. Our school grounds have been decorated by the pupils and staff. A huge thank you to all involved. We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for photographs of the celebrations.

Christmas Visitor – Monday 7th December

The children were delighted to discover a Christmas elf hiding in our hallway this morning. There is great excitement as we await to see what kind of adventures our visitor has in store for us!

Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 11th December

The pupils are invited to wear their Christmas jumpers to school on Friday 11th December to raise funds for the Children’s Health Foundation, Crumlin. Further information available at

Christmas Celebrations – Monday 21st December

We are looking forward to watching a recording of a Christmas show in our classrooms on Monday 21st December.

Christmas Party – Tuesday 22nd December

Our Christmas party celebrations will take place on Tuesday 22nd December.

Christmas Holidays

School will close for the Christmas holidays at 12 noon on Tuesday 22nd December and re-open at 9am on Wednesday 6th January.

Science Week Fun

Science Week Fun

The junior pupils added gummy bears to a glass of water. We made sure the test was fair by adding the same number of bears to each glass. We also filled a glass without adding water. We left the bears for four days. Check out our results below.

We had fun investigating magnets. We learned that magnets attract metal objects. The pupils had lots of fun testing materials and making paper clips dance! We also discovered magnets can attract objects through other materials.

We tested a variety of materials to determine if they would float or sink. Take a look at our experiment below.

We read the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We designed and created a boat to help the boy bring the penguin safely back home to the Antarctic. We tested our boats to make sure they floated. We really enjoyed creating the boats.

Our skittles experiment was great fun. We created a circle of skittles around the edge of a paper plate. Teacher added warm water. We were amazed at the results.